Henkel Product Supplier

General Industrial Lubricants

Magnus Magnadraw 40 Lubricant

Inhibited Chlorinated deep drawing oil

Magnus Magnadraw 40 is a chlorinated drawing oil & lubricant designed to eliminate the corrosion resulting from the severe deep drawing operations. The product contains emulsifiers for ease of cleaning.

Reactobond 900

Patented Reactive Lubricants for Tube Drawing

Reactobond 900 is designed for the treatment of mild and low alloy steel. It produces, on the steel surface, a combined iron phosphate and oil coating which assists in the cold forming of the steel

P3 Rimol

Water based fitment lubricant

P3 Rimol is an odourless, slightly viscous green liquid lubricant designed for tyre or component fitment. The residue is easily rinsed off although this is not necessary.

HST Triazine


HST Triazine is a low toxicity biocide developed for the complete microbiological protection of water based systems against bacterial spoilage. This product is especially suited for use in oil/water emulsion systems.