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Acid Cleaners

Chematac 210

Acid Deruster

Chematac 210 is an inhibited phosphoric acid based product which, when diluted with water, removes rust and scale from steel surfaces. Articles should be degreased prior to treatment with Chematac 210

Chematac 250

Acid Deruster and Cleaner

Chematac 250 is a phosphoric acid based product used as a single step cleaner for the removal of soil, rust and light heat scale from iron and steel and for the removal of soil, oxides and corrosion from aluminium and copper based alloys.

Chematac 401

Acid Pickle

Chematac 401 is used for in-line derusting and descaling of steel by immersion.

Chematac 700

Acid Deruster and Descaler

Chematac 700 is used as a single step acid deruster for the removal of rust and scale from iron and steel surfaces. It is used by immersion. It is also used to remove the accumulation of scale from all pipes, nozzles and heating coils or heat exchangers in the alkaline cleaner and Bonderizing zones of a pre-treatment plant with the minimum of labour.

Fumego H

Foam blanket additive for acid pickling baths

Fumego H is a foam blanket additive for hydrochloric and sulphuric acid batch pickling baths. It imparts a densely packed, uniform layer of foam on the surfaces of a bath in which steel is pickling. It cuts down on heat loss and holds corrosive hydrochloric and sulphuric acid fumes in the bath.

P3 Rodine 60

Liquid inhibitor for hydrochloric acid

P3 Rodine 60 will effectively inhibit hydrochloric acid attack on steel. This provides excellent protection to equipment during the removal of lime deposits and water scale. Rodine® acid inhibitors to protect plant processing equipment, utility boilers and paper mill digesters during chemical cleaning

P3 Rodine 95

Liquid inhibitor for sulphuric acid

P3 Rodine 95 is used as an acid additive for general pickling of steel (all grades), where mild inhibition, fume control, detergency, uniform scale removal and surface tension reduction are required.

Glycolic Acid

Biodegradeble acid

Glycolic acid is very well suited to applications that are too sensitive for normal mineral acids eg. removal of scale from dairy and paper equipment. Aluminium is unaffected by exposure to glycolic acid but effective cleaning and brightening is still possible. Glycolic has exceptionally good chelating properties that make it useful as an addition to normal acid processes.