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Aluminium Treatment


Henkel Surface Technologies help customers with many different types of aluminum surfaces, ranging from small articles to large vehicle components; from both interior and exterior architectural parts to special assemblies for the aviation and aerospace industry. They manufacture a selection of cleaners, desmutters, etchants and sealants. These products result in higher quality, improved consistency, and substantial cost savings. Wherever the surface should be cleaned, deoxidized, protected from corrosion and prepared in an optimal way for a finish coating, HST offer the ideal process. Each is designed to provide superior performance in accelerated testing, such as salt fog exposure on unpainted surfaces in the aerospace industry and filiform testing for manufacturers of aluminum wheels.

Prior to coating or anodizing, the surface of an aluminum part has to be cleaned of grease and oil, pigment, polishing and grinding pastes as well as oxides. Henkel Surface Technologies offers a full range of water-borne cleaning products for these purposes and they can be used depending upon the specific requirements (material, degree of soiling, intended application).


P3 Almeco AN

Non Etch Aluminium Cleaner

P3 Almeco AN is silicate free degreaser containing highly effective wetting agents. The product will remove heavy deposits of grinding and polishing pastes from aluminium and other metals without affecting surface finish.

P3 Almeco CT

Light Etch Aluminium Cleaner

P3 Almeco AN is silicate free degreaser containing highly effective wetting agents for use on aluminium and non-ferrous metals. The product will lightly etch aluminium and its alloys.

P3 Almeco 18C

High-Tech Aluminium Cleaner

P3 Almeco 18C is sophisticated free degreaser containing highly effective wetting agents. This product is safe for use on mirror-finished aluminium and precision made components. P3 Almeco 18C can also be used on other metals besides aluminium.

Novaclean 104M

Acidic light etch cleaner

Novaclean 104M combines clean, de-oxidize, etch and de-smut. It is a low foaming formulation with no troublesome caustic fumes or spray. The product is ideal as a pre-treatment prior to chromate conversion coatings, brightening, painting and powder coating.

Etch Systems

P3 Almeco Plus 2

Liquid matt additive for long life aluminium etch systems

This product used in conjunction with caustic soda for the matt etching of aluminium prior to anodising. The bath may be used indefinitely and will stabilize at 140 - 150 g/l of Aluminium


Deoxidizer 4902

Liquid deoxidizing product for aluminum - chromium free

A solution of the Deoxidizer 4902 removes oxides and alkali residues of former alkaline degreasing or etching processes on aluminium and its alloys. Deoxidizer 4902 can be used in an immersion and spray process.

Sealing of Anodised Aluminium

P3 Almeco Seal SLT

Additive for the prevention of Sealing Smudge on Anodised Aluminium

P3 Almeco Seal SLT is used as an additive to the hot water sealing bath for the prevention of sealing smudge (smut) on the aluminium surface as well as buffering the bath solution.

Conversion Coatings

Bonderite 714

Chrome based conversion coating

Bonderite 714 is designed to give sludge-less application onto sheet and components and provides a iridescent to light brown oxide layer (depending on alloy and solution control) .The coating provides excellent protection to unpainted aluminium as well as providing an excellent base for paint, powder coating and lamination.

Alodine 4850

Chromium Free Conversion of Light metals

Alodine® 4850 is a liquid product for a chrome-free conversion treatment of light metals. In aqueous solutions colourless conversion layers are produced on light metals in immersion and spray application. Treatment provides an excellent corrosion resistance as well as very good adhesion properties for subsequent painting.

Alodine 1132 TOUCH-N-PREP Coating

Chrome conversion coating for aircraft repair

Alodine 1132 is approved for Mil C 81706 and Boeing (BAC 5719) applications (contains chromates). It is packaged in easy to use tube with integrated applicator and can be used on aluminium, ferrous metals and galvanized surfaces. Primer or other coatings can be applied immediately after the Alodine 1132 has air-dried