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Corrosion Prevention

Caourust 428

Caourust 428 is a high performance, solvent deposited rust preventative that dries to form a brown waxy film. Caourust 428 can be used on metal surfaces where long term indoor or outdoor protection is required. It is recommended for machinery, machine tools, spare parts and motor vehicle applications.

Caourust 428 is also available in a convenient aerosol.
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Chemwax 581A Overwax

Chemwax 581A is a high quality solvent deposited protective, designed for specialist applications in the Automotive industry. It is a white thixotropic fluid that dries to form a clear to translucent firm waxy film.

STP 562

STP 562 is a solvent based rust preventative. The dried grease type film conforms to MIL-C-16173 D Grade 3 specifications and is suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

STP 5615

STP 5615 is a solvent based rust preventative that dries to give a grease type film that has dewatering properties. Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Novaseal LH

Novaseal LH is an effective water displacing non staining rust preventative. It will displace water from metal surfaces which have been cleaned and rinsed.

Interbox Wax

Interbox Wax is a high performance, solvent deposited rust preventative. The product is designed as an interbox protective for application during the vehicle manufacturing process or in subsequent rust proofing operations. Interbox Wax is a brown fluid which dries to form a brown, waxy film.

P3 Brite

Rinse Bath Additive for In-process Corrosion Protection. P3 Brite is an alkaline, salt-based additive for final stage water rinses, in staged cleaning systems. P3 Brite prevents the formation of rust on components during short-term, indoor, in-process storage. This product is best applied in conjunction with P3 degreasing products. P3 Brite is recommended as a rust-preventing additive to water used in the pressure testing of vessels, water circulating systems etc.