Henkel Product Supplier

Galvanising Chemicals

Novacoat HDG 7071

Chrome free passivation for galvanised steel

Novacoat HDG 7071 is a chromium-free, ecological passivating agent. It contains a mixture of organic substances which guarantee an increase in the oxidation resistance (white rust) during the storage of galvanised items.

Galvoflux 60

Liquid Flux Galvanising

Galvoflux 60 is a solution of zinc ammonium chloride designed for use as a flux prior to galvanising steel components. The product includes a wetting agent to ensure complete "wetting-out" to eliminate oxide formation on the steel surface.

Bonderite 34 BR

Brush-on Zinc Phosphate

Bonderite 34 BR is formulated to produce a zinc phosphate coating on galvanised surfaces by brush-on application at room temperature. This allows good adhesion of paint onto the galvanised surface.