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Threadlocker Threadlockers are available in a variety of strengths to fit all of your applications. Most threadlocking assemblies can be easily removed with standard hand tools, or by the application of heat. Cost savings are a major advantage of liquid threadlockers. Mechanical threadlocking devices can cost three to four times more than liquid alternatives.

The threadlocker adhesive fills the entire air space between the threads, forcing out the air. So the threadlocker can bond to the metal and cure, creating a secure, unitized assembly that will not loosen. Also, the gap between the threads has been completely filled, thus sealing the assembly from moisture, and preventing rust and corrosion.

Thread Sealants

Thread Sealants Loctite anaerobic thread sealants cure in the absence if air when confined within the threads of metal pipe connections. The cured sealant will not shrink, crack, or shred, and will maintain its sealing properties even after heat aging. Loctite thread sealants form a strong seal that resists the effects of vibration, temperature, pressure, and industrial solvents.

Sealed pipe joints can be disassembled using standard hand tools.


Bonding Bonding is now a full partner with bolting, riveting and welding as an assembly method. Joining materials with adhesives offers significant benefits over mechanical methods of uniting two materials.

An adhesive distributes a load over an area rather than concentrating it at a point, resulting in a more even distribution of stresses. The adhesive bonded joint is therefore more resistant to flex and vibration stresses than, for example,
a riveted joint.

An adhesive forms a seal as well as a bond. This eliminates corrosion which often occurs in a mechanical fastened joint. An adhesive joins irregularly shaped surfaces more easily than does a mechanical fastener. Other benefits include negligible weight addition and virtually no change to the time in which strength must be achieved, the need for surface preparation, and the need for eventual disassembly.


Retaining Assembling cylindrical parts with adhesives requires the most sophisticated bonding technology. Loctite Corporation, the pioneer of anaerobic adhesives, has applied this technology to create retaining and securing compounds that increase the shear strength of cylindrical, metal assemblies. These compounds fill the "inner space" between components - and cure to form a strong, precision assembly.

Worn parts can often be reliably repaired with anaerobic adhesives. Loose bearings can be refitted in housings with anaerobic adhesives often allowing housings or worn shafts to be salvaged.


Gasketing Loctite, the leader in form-in-place (FIP) gasket makers, gasket dressings, and general purpose sealants, offer you a choice of RTV silicones, anaerobics, or solvent-based products to meet your broad gasketing and sealing needs.

Gaskets prevent leakage of liquids or gases by forming impervious barriers between mating flanges. FIP gaskets begin as liquids applied to one of the flange joint surfaces. When parts are assembled, the FIP material flows into voids, gaps, and scratch marks forming a durable seal after cure.


Anti-Seize The Loctite Anti-Seize range consists of heavy duty industrial lubricating compounds which prevent seizing, galling and pitting of metal parts and guard against rust and corrosion caused by chemicals and weathering.

It eliminates galling and cold-welding of threaded parts including aluminium and stainless steel, and it lubricates threads, gears, chains, cables, sprockets, levers, pivots, rollers, conveyors, oven doors and hinges.


Electronics Loctite Electronics offers electronic packaging solutions across the board. By continuously seeking new opportunities, Loctite maintains a position as a technology leader in adhesives, encapsulants, coatings and sealants for the electronics industry.