Henkel Product Supplier

Neutral Cleaners

P3 Neutraclean 5166

High Pressure Spray Cleaner

P3 Neutraclean 5166 is a liquid product designed to be used as a cleaning agent in very high pressure washing systems which operate at all temperatures. At the recommended concentration the product will remove all pigment, dirt and cutting oils normally associated with the machining of motor vehicle engines or its components. P3 Neutraclean contains a blend of organic and inorganic rust inhibiting agents which will give satisfactory in-process rust protection.

Novamax Neutral Derustor

Rust and scale remover

Neutral Derustor is specially formulated to be non-corrosive and so it can be used to remove iron oxide from a wide variety of materials. It removes rust and heat scale from ferrous metals. It also removes iron stains from fabrics, plastics and other delicate materials.

P3 Allpass

Motor Car and Truck Cleaner

P3 Allpass is a neutral liquid detergent that has no adverse effect on sensitive, lacquered or polished surfaces. The product contains highfoaming wetting agents and skin protection agents.