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Paint Shop Chemicals

Peel Off

Stripable solvent based coating

It forms a tough, hard coating, which resists paint overspray, paint splashes, greases and general factory dirt. Used for the coating of any non-porous surface metals, glass, rubber, painted surfaces and will peel readily once removed. Peel Off was designed for the protection of spray booth walls to allow collection of paint overspray and give an easy clean method of removal of the overspray.

P3 Tacky Oven Coating 2247

Dust trapper

P3 Tacky Oven Coating 2247 is a polymeric based coating formulated for use in high temperature paint ovens. This product is applied to aluminium foil or aluminium trays on oven floors to trap air borne particles that may otherwise be deposited on freshly painted surfaces. P3 Tacky Oven Coating 2247 remains tacky for extended periods of time at temperatures up to 165°C. The material is easy to use and contains no HAP or SARA reportables.

Metafloc P

Paint spray booth denaturant

Metafloc P is formulated to denature paint overspray in spray booths. It is particularly effective in denaturing automotive polyester and epoxy primers and finishing coats. It will also inhibit corrosion of the spray booth walls, tanks and pipework. It contains a biocide to control bacterial growth.

P3 Cold Stripper 100

Acid activated paint stripper

P3 Cold Stripper 100 contains a chlorinated solvent and is phenolic free with low toxicity. It is designed for stripping paint from all alloys except magnesium and its alloys.

P3 Hot Stripper 50

Hot alkaline paint stripper

P3 Hot Stripper 50 is formulated for immersion or spray application on painted steel surfaces. The process will remove uncured and some cured paints.

P3 Hot Stripper Additive 15

Additive for hot alkaline paint stripping systems

P3 Hot Stripper Additive 15 is formulated to assist in the removal of tough paint coatings or to increase the rate of removal.

P3 Alustrip 60

Hot Tank Paint Remover

P3 Alustrip 60 is a hot tank paint remover that does not contain any chlorinated solvents, phenol, chromates or free caustic. It can safely be used on Aluminium, Titanium, Magnesium, Stainless Steel, Ferrous Alloys and Copper. This product is suitable for removing difficult materials such as phenolic resins, polyester resins, silicon resins, polyamides, nylon, Teflon and polyurethane.

Loctite 7855 Hand Cleaner

Waterless Hand Cleaner

This product is a better choice than thinners and other harsh cleaning solvents normally used in paintshops and workshops. The superior cleaning ability makes it best for removing polyurethane, paint, resins, primers, adhesives, silicones, varnish, enamel, etc. The skin conditioning components in the product allow for the most frequent use without affecting the skin.