Henkel Product Supplier

Passivating Chemicals

Deoxylyte 54 NC

Passivating Rinse

Deoxylyte 54 NC is an acidic, chrome-free, liquid chemical used in either immersion or spray application to minimise underfilm corrosion and improve paint adhesion.

Alodine 4850

Chromium Free Post-Passivation of Phosphate Layers

Alodine® 4850 is a liquid product for a chrome-free conversion treatment of light metals as well as post-passivation for phosphate layers. In aqueous solutions colourless conversion layers are produced on light metals in immersion and spray application. Both treatments provide an excellent corrosion resistance as well as very good adhesion properties for subsequent painting

Parcolene 1

Passivating Rinse

Parcolene 1 is applied over a zinc or manganese phosphate to increase the corrosion resistance of the coating.

Parcolene 3

Passivating Rinse

Parcolene 3 is used as the final treatment over Bonderite coatings of the iron phosphate type. It is used either by spray or immersion application.

Parcolene 60

Passivating Rinse

Parcolene 60 is applied over a zinc or iron phosphate to increase the corrosion resistance of the coating and to improve adhesion of paint and organic finishes.

P3 Brite

Rinse Bath Additive for In-process Corrosion Protection

P3 Brite is an alkaline, salt-based additive for final stage water rinses, in staged cleaning systems. P3 Brite prevents the formation of rust on components during short-term, indoor, in-process storage. This product is best applied in conjunction with P3 degreasing products.