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Paint Strippers

P3 Alustrip 60

Hot Tank Paint Remover

P3 Alustrip 60 is a hot tank paint remover that does not contain any chlorinated solvents, phenol, chromates or free caustic. It can safely be used on Aluminium, Titanium, Magnesium, Stainless Steel, Ferrous Alloys and Copper. This product is suitable for removing difficult materials such as phenolic resins, polyester resins, silicon resins, polyamides, nylon, Teflon and polyurethane.

P3 Cold Stripper 100

Acid activated paint stripper

P3 Cold Stripper 100 contains a chlorinated solvent and is phenolic free with low toxicity. It is designed for stripping paint from all alloys except magnesium and its alloys.

P3 Hot Stripper 50

Hot alkaline paint stripper

P3 Hot Stripper 50 is formulated for immersion or spray application on painted steel surfaces. The process will remove uncured and some cured paints.

P3 Hot Stripper Additive 15

Additive for hot alkaline paint stripping systems

P3 Hot Stripper Additive 15 is formulated to assist in the removal of tough paint coatings or to increase the rate of removal.


All purpose paint remover

A fast acting, easy to use paint stripper for doors, skirting boards, furniture and any article where paint must be removed.

Nitromors can be used to remove the following:

  • oil based paints
  • enamels
  • varnishes
  • tar
  • polishes