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Terostat 92

Elastic paintable one component adhesive / sealant

Terostat 92 is a one component polyurethane adhesive that cures by reacting with atmospheric moisture to give an elastic product. The product has good adhesion to many metals and plastics without primer. Terostat 92 is used in vehicle body manufacture, railway carriages and boat building operations.

Terostat 9320

Terostat 9320

Sprayable seam sealer based on MS® -polymer

Terostat 9320 cures by reaction with moisture to an elastic, abrasion resistant product. The skin formation and curing times are dependent on humidity, temperature and joint depth. Increase in temperature and moisture reduces curing times, low temperature and humidity retards the curing process.

  • Repaired seams have the same appearance as the original
  • Free of isocyanates, silicone and PVC
  • Good adhesion to metals, primers and top coats
  • Good paint compatibility also to alcohol based paints
  • Sag resistant
  • Reactive drying
  • Fast through cure
  • UV resistant
  • High aging resistance
  • Modest sound damping

Terostat 9320 Technical Data SheetTerostat 9320 Technical Data Sheet

Terostat MS 939

Solvent Free, 1-component hydrosilicon polymer adhesive

Terostat MS 939 belongs to a new generation of elastic adhesives and sealers that distinguishes itself with a solvent-free pro-environment character and improved strength and stability. These improvements allow the new adhesives and sealers to positively impact the rigidity of many kinds of constructions while still providing users with the benefits of elastic equalization. As a result, Terostat MS 939 can in many applications completely replace other fastening elements such as screws and rivets.

Terostat MS 939 is easy to apply, can be painted over and is virtually odor-free; no additional primer is required. It is also highly resistant to ultraviolet light, weather and aging – Suitable for engineering, metalworking and plastics, air-conditioning and ventilation, clean room technology and a host of other applications that require elastic sealing of joints and seams.

Terostat MS 939 Technical Data SheetTerostat MS 939 Technical Data Sheet

Terostat 8597

Direct glazing adhesive for motor vehicles

Terostat 8597 is a single component, polyurethane based, moisture curing Direct Glazing adhesive. It has excellent sag resistance and cures to form a soft elastic compound.

  • 1 hour Drive away time with no airbags
  • 4 hour Drive away time with 2 airbags
  • Excellent adhesion onto glass, ceramic coated glass and painted surfaces when used with Terostat-8517H primer
  • High UV resistance
  • High shear strength that does not deteriorate on aging.

Terostat 8597 Technical Data SheetTerostat 8597 Technical Data Sheet

Terostat 8599

Fast direct glazing adhesive

Terostat 8599 is a provides passive safety 15 minutes after mounting of windscreen. Particular high position tack immediately after matching, i.e. no sagging of panes (advantageous for large and heavy panes)

Terostat 8599 Technical Data SheetTerostat 8599 Technical Data Sheet

Terostat 8517H

Black adhesion promotion primer

Terostat 8517H is a solvent based primer to improve adhesion of 1K & 2K polyurethane systems onto various paints, plastics and metals. Suitability must be established by trials.

Terostat 8517H Terostat 8517H

Terostat 8517H Technical Data SheetTerostat 8517H Technical Data Sheet

Terostat 8550

Isopropanol based cleaner

Terostat 8550 is used for cleaning glass, ceramic coatings and painted surfaces prior to priming and bonding with Polyurethane adhesives or sealants.