Henkel Product Supplier

Tube & Pipe

The tube and pipe industry requires a cleaning and subsequent corrosion protection that will withstand aggressive conditions during transport as well as extended storage.


Autophoretic Cleaner 2732

Heavy Duty Alkaline Spray Cleaner

Autophoretic Cleaner 2732 is a liquid, non-silicate, strongly alkaline cleaner formulated for heavy duty, general purpose cleaning of ferrous metals. Autophoretic Cleaner 2732 consists of a balanced blend of inorganic cleaning agents, organic sequestrates which have been carefully formulated to provide rapid penetration and removal of the toughest soils.

Parco Cleaner 2074 HD

Heavy Duty Alkaline Immersion Cleaner

Parco Cleaner 2074 HD is designed for the removal of lubricants, draw lubes and heavy oils from production parts after forming. It is also used for general purpose heavy duty cleaning of metal surfaces.

Bonderite 1070

Cleaner and Coater for Multi-Metals

Bonderite 1070 formulated for spray and immersion application to steel aluminium and zinc surfaces to simultaneously clean and develop conversion coating. The process produces a uniform non-metallic phosphate coating, which inhibits corrosion and increases the adhesion and durability of paint finishes.

Corrosion Protection

Suncorite Aqua S340 Black

Water based protective coating

Suncorite Aqua is a water based coating that will provide corrosion protection to iron or steel while in storage or transit. The resin grades will not omit any toxic fumes if subjected to welding operations.

Suncorite Aqua S3410 Red

Water based protective coating

Identical to the S340 except for the colour. Suncorite Aqua S3410 is an "iron oxide" red.

Suncorite Aqua S3420 Blue

Water based protective coating

Similar to the S340 except for the colour. Suncorite Aqua S3420 is a "pthalo" blue.

Tubecoat 26

Hard film anti-corrosion coating

Tubecoat 26 is a solvent deposited, non-toxic, phenolic, PVB, hard film forming material designed to protect a metal from corrosive attack. It may be used as a primer for a wide range of air-drying paints.

STP 562

Solvent deposited wax

STP 562 is a solvent based rust preventative. The dried grease type film conforms to MIL-C-16173 D Grade 3 specifications and is suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Band Marking

Band Mark Blue

Band Marking

Solvent based marking paint

Used primarily to colour-code pipes (for API Spec 5CT and other standards). This product is also available in other colours.