Henkel Product Supplier

Ultrasonic cleaners

P3 VR 6520-1

Mildly alkaline cleaner containing no inorganic salts

P3 VR 6520-1 contains highly active wetting agents, rust preventing and emulsifying agents. This product is also recommended for the cleaning of cast iron machine parts, gear wheels, polished steel shafts as well as ball and roller bearings.

P3 VR 586-4

Ultrasonic and electrolytic cleaner

P3 VR 586-4 is a highly alkaline, silicate-free powder containing wetting and chelating agents. By virtue of its composition, the product is suitable for the removal of cutting oil, and grinding and polishing paste residues from steel, iron, copper brass and EPNS. P3 VR 586-4 is low foaming and can be used for ultrasonic and electrolytic degreasing