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Sanitizing and Cleaning Products

Due to the high volume of enquiries for hygiene products please find a summary below. Queries and requests for quotations can be emailed to admin@chemcc.co.za or through our website. Alternatively you can contact sales on 011 972 7223.

Hygiene Product Pack Sizes Function Description
Hand Sanitizer - >75% Alcohol 100ml, 1L, 5L Hands Hand Sanitizer – 75% alcohol and aloe vera.
CC Surface Sterilizer 1L, 5L, 25L Surfaces Anolyte sterilant and Sanitizer – General use as a cold sterilant on surfaces
Germ Sanitizer 750ml, 5L, 25L Surfaces Germicidal cleaner with pine smell
Germestos 750ml, 5L Surfaces Bleach
Hand Soap Deluxe Blue or Pink 500ml, 5L, 25L Hands Soap with bactericide and skin softener
Handy Clean 750ml, 5L, 25L Surfaces Kitchen cleaner
Multiclean 750ml, 5L, 25L Surfaces General Purpose cleaner with bactericide and citrus scent
All Purpose Cleaner 5L, 25L Surfaces Strong inhibited alkali degreaser for all surfaces
CC – Iso Propanol Alchohol Sachets Bag of 100 Hands Hand wipe sachets

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